3 fun mental-models for deeper meditations !

1. “Deal with thoughts as you would do with stray dogs”

2. Be like a “Cat waiting for a rat”.

This is a particularly funny one yet with a profound subtlety to it. This too was a quote of Babuji (Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur). And firstly, I’m not suggesting that like a cat we are aggressive and have expectations of some reward when we meditate – both of these can be hindrances. When we meditate we must have an attitude of “waiting attentively” with a lot of patience just like a cat in anticipation of its food! We cannot demand or predict the outcome of any meditation to a certain time – the state of blissful oneness with our source can dawn at any moment or even take multiple meditations or years to fully manifest. At the same time we have to be attentive – fully alert to what may happen! This explains why setting a meditation timer does more damage than good – you might end the meditation too early and fail to enjoy the full potency of a meditation.

3. Alexander and his famous stallion, Bucephalus.

This one is probably fictitious and it’s more of an inspiration than fun. You might know this story already, as Bucephalus till date is one of the most famous horses of antiquity. Bucephalus was loved by Alexander that he even named a city after it: Bucephalus.

Take-away insights:



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